KaleMoji Adds Vegan Emojis to Your iPhone

Whether you are texting fellow vegan friends or spouting off against omnivore detractors, you would probably love a sassy emoji to illustrate your point. Well, KaleMoji has arrived to provide you with plenty of ammunition. KaleMoji Vegan Emojis comes fully stocked with over 65 unique vegan-themed emojis. An adorable piglet sleeping in a human hand, some stoned broccoli, and a bad tempeh are just a few examples of the emojis you can expect to find with this app.


Let’s face it. If you’re a vegan, you probably like telling people about it. And why wouldn’t you? You’re passionate, and most people don’t know any better. There are plenty of fantastic vegan recipes, food, beverages, healthcare products, lifestyle products, and even memes floating around. KaleMoji is a new vegan item–one that you add to your iPhone.


KaleMoji Vegan Emojis is a custom iOS keyboard and iMessage sticker application. The app has a cartoony feel to it, with plenty of colorful captions and puns beneath accompanying vegan images. Some emojis aim to be cute, some funny, and some aim to make a point to the haters.


KaleMoji gives users vegan emojis


KaleMoji comes with a social share feature within the app, a custom keyboard extension, and a sticker pack for use in iMessage. The sticker pack is the easiest and most convenient way to utilize KaleMoji.


Vegan Texting


Many of the emojis in KaleMoji are “punny”, but several are also about making valid points. The app has a nice balance of lighthearted humor and fundamental truths that vegan rest their laurels on.


For vegans that love emojis and stickers, KaleMoj is a must have. Fellow vegan friends will love them, and oppositions to the vegan movement will have their iMessages spammed into oblivion The app is available in the Apple App Store today, so don’t miss out on adding KaleMoji to your iPhone keyboard!Download KaleMoji

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