KaleMoji Vegan Emojis Vegan Stickers App Store

KaleMoji gives vegans and vegetarians over 65 vegan-themed emojis and stickers to use on their iPhone.



Plutus Cryptocurrency Trading Simulator

Plutus is a cryptocurrency exchange simulator. For investors who are interested in crypto but don’t want to risk real money yet, or want to try some risky trading strategies, Plutus is perfect to simulate cryptocurrency trades.


Quest Log

Quest Log RPG To Do List

Quest Log is an RPG-style to-do list. It turns daily tasks into quests like one would complete in an MMORPG.


Beatbox Academy

Learn How To Beatbox With Beatbox Academy

Learn how to beatbox on your iPhone with Beatbox Academy. Beatbox Academy includes step-by-step guides to various beatboxing sounds and techniques, removing the monotony of rewinding videos constantly.