Beatbox Academy

Learn How To Beatbox With Beatbox Academy

Beatbox Academy is a beginner friendly guide to beatboxing. It teaches you how to make the essential sounds of beatboxing, step by step and with detailed tips. In addition, a sample sound is provided for you to mimic and follow along with for every step. Go at your own pace and start honing your craft as a beatboxer.


• Kick Drum
• Clap Snare
• Pf Snare
• Psh Snare
• Open Hi Hat
• Closed Hi Hat
• Vocal Scratch
• Psh Scratch
• Chewy Scratch
• Tongue Click
• Throat Bass
• Humming Beats
• Inhale Bass

In addition, practice beats are provided for you to hone your skills as a beatboxer.

This app is the app to get for anyone who is serious about taking their first steps to becoming a beatboxer.

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