Quest Log

Quest Log RPG To Do List

Anyone who has ever played an RPG or MMORPG is familiar with the gratification associated with taking on and completing a quest. The experience, the loot, the process of starting from one point and finishing in another. The progression, and the journey.

Well, now apply that feeling to your every day to-do list. Quest Log is the productivity app for gamers. Create quests, decide their difficulty, level up, and purchase consumable rewards that represent your favorite activities.

-MMORPG feel and aesthetic
-Turn your mundane tasks into quests that you name, detail, and determine how difficult the task is
-Experience rewards
-Currency rewards
-Customizable purchased consumables
-Keep track of your progress from the moment you download the app

Become more productive and accomplish more of your goals with Quest Log, and enjoy the grind.

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